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We Are Golden Nutrition a Private Label Supplements Manufacturing Facility and are a one stop shop for Formulation, Bottling, Encapsulation, Labeling, Packaging, Drop Shipping, and Fulfillment. Located in Opa-Locka, FL our goal is providing fast turnaround time for our customers with high quality and competitive price.



    Why Us

Golden Nutrition offers the highest quality in dietary supplement and vitamins continuously striving to uphold and set the standard for the highest level of quality and service in contract and private label manufacturing.

Our facility uses the most advanced technology and maintains excellent sanitization practices and measures, allowing for fast turnarounds. All products are regulated by governing agencies, meaning they will always be safe for consumers and in compliance.

    Dedication to Customer

Your reliance on our facility, service, and specialists is taken very seriously—your formulas, and products are guaranteed to be produced under strict quality control standards. All products are made with natural, select ingredients in the United States and every compound created is verified and tested.

We can take your product from its inception all the way through to delivery. With one expert team managing all your services, you never have to worry. We are dedicated to our clients and guarantee their satisfaction.

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